Why use a Toner?

What is a Toner?

A toner is a skin care product, usually water-based, that’s meant to shrink the appearance of large pores and further cleanse the skin, picking up any makeup or debris that may have been left behind. Using a facial toner or face mist is an important step in your natural skin care routine. Applied after cleansing, and before moisturising, toners help remove dead skin cells and work to reset the pH balance of your skin.

Choose your toner carefully, and you’ll have a hard-working product that will do the following:

1.  Cleanses. A toner helps sweep away impurities, leaving pores clean and less noticeable. It’s great to use if you wear makeup, when you see that the cotton ball comes off clear, you can be sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed, and that no makeup or dirt is left behind.

2. Hydrates. Some toners contain hydrating ingredients, which are important immediately after cleansing to set the stage for moisturisation. Your favorite moisturiser will penetrate skin much more effectively if  the skin is already hydrated.

3. Helps with Oily Skin. If you have oily skin, you do want a toner that is going to help you keep your skin clean and your pores unclogged.

4. Protect. A quality toner will include antioxidants and extracts that help protect your skin from environmental stressors.

What is a Face Mist?

Unlike water that is actually drying for your skin (because tap water contains chlorine etc), mists are formulated with ingredients that not only deliver instant hydration but also protects and soothes skin. With just a spritz or two, these ultra-moisturising liquids take your skin from looking “tired and dull” to
“radiant and fresh”.

Using a Facial Mist can help:
  1. To Hydrate. We all could use a bit of hydration when it comes to our skin and hydration mists are the perfect product to keep those moisture levels up. If you feel like your skin is lacking some moisture, spritz at will to rehydrate.  A facial spray is especially nice to have around during the summer months, or if you are travelling or in air-conditioning all day long.
  2. Make Up Application. If you find that after you’ve touched up your makeup you have a not so pleasant powdery look, spritz on a little facial spray. It will help the powder better blend into the skin giving you a more flawless finish. A good facial mist can keep your makeup looking glowy throughout the day.
  3. Moisturising Application. Face mist helps you seal in extra moisture by trapping water into your skin cells. You can apply your Serum immediately after your Facial Mist as the water content will help your skin absorb the Serum quicker.
  4. Soothe Skin. Facial mists formulated with Floral Waters, Chamomile and Herbal Extracts instantly calm the skin, alleviate itchiness and target redness.
Toner vs Face Mist

Traditionally toners are most helpful and necessary for people with Oily, Combination or Blemish-Prone skin, or for people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products such as sunscreen.The moisturising qualities of Face Mists on the other hand, help improve dry, flaky skin. Normal, Dry, Mature & Sensitive Skin types would highly benefit from using this product.

Breathe Oxygen Facial Mist

Its best we keep the skin hydrated from inside as well as from outside. While drinking water is highly recommended, carrying a hydrating spray can be a saviour for your skin especially for dry skin types. Dew Vitamin & Oxygen Facial Mist contains moisturising White Tea, Fig, Pure Oxygen, Rose Water and Vitamin C.

Deep Mattifying Toner

This toner helps to refine and balance the skins natural pH levels without dehydrating or drying skin. It contains blemish fighting and oil controlling ingredients such as Green Tea, Echinacea, Witch Hazel, Colloidal Silver, Aloe Vera and Vitamin B3.

Zest Calming Waters

A soothing, hydrating mist to help quickly calm redness, sensitivity, and inflammation. With purifying Chamomile, Orange, Comfrey and Marshmallow, leaving sensitive skin types pH-balanced, clean and perfectly refreshed.


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