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A Safe Haven of botanicals from Land and Sea

KO.KO.MO started out as a labour of love. After years of fighting skin reactions to almost every lotion and potion I would put on my face, I knew there had to be a better way. Nothing on the market ticked all the boxes for me, there was always a handful of nasty ingredients cleverly disguised even on the most natural looking products. My interests in trying to find a solution quickly turned into an obsession as I became increasingly interested in more holistic and natural methods of treating my skin. I would spend night after night experimenting and as a result of my creations, my skin started to improve. I gained an extensive knowledge about how beautifully created our earth is and that our Land & Sea hold incredibly beneficial ingredients from oils, clays, fruits, plants & all the goodies that our big wide ocean entails. I realised I wasn’t alone when many others started to benefit from my products…& that’s when my hobby turned into this adventure I now call KO.KO.MO. I hope that I can make a difference to others in the same way that my life has changed by using 100% natural, uncompromised products. I believe knowing that you are exposing your skin to a chemical free product gives you peace of mind & healthy results.

Why the name kokomo? It was my childhood ‘happy song’ yes that’s right..by the beachboys! I always dreamed that I would get to go to this wonderful, relaxing, safe haven destination called kokomo & to me that’s where these products take me. I feel I really did get there, in a better way than I could have imagined…..


KO.KO.MO creates skin care, body and bath products made with the highest quality organic, natural ingredients, including plant-based food-grade cold-pressed oils, steam distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils, which are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. We believe in the power of nature to obtain the results you can see and feel. Our products are free from any hidden nasties including synthetic ingredients, dyes, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, mineral oils & petroleum. Each product is made from 100% raw natural materials and contain active botanical skin loving ingredients that are ethically sourced. KO.KO.MO is lovingly Australian owned and made. We are committed to environmentally friendly principles & our products are never tested on animals. Our intention is that you fall in love with your skincare routine, from the second you open each jar & bottle escaping into sensory euphoria. From the pure tropical fragrances to the raw nectars & ocean loving ingredients, We offer you a safe haven of natural & effective products that are a true game changer. Skin is a beautiful thing, wear it beautifully!