Natural Body Sprays

Smell Divine …

You might remember Impulse or Victorias Secret Body Sprays. We would spray ourselves silly as young teenagers. You must have been able to smell us coming a mile away!  Now I cringe thinking about what I was breathing in and putting on my body. These days, I am much more interested in keeping harmful and toxic ingredients off of my skin and out of my home.

Using a Body Spray

Use a refreshing Body Spray if you just don’t have time for a shower in the morning, and go about your day with confidence. Perfect to throw in your gym bag to use after a workout. Or in your handbag or nappy bag for instant odour relief.

Body mists can be worn as a perfume applied to pulse points or as a body spray on clothes or hair, making them a great gift for teenage girls, friends or yourself.

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Vanilla Sky Body Spray

Vanilla Sky Body spray contains a classic vanilla aroma that has a fresh, modern, and sweet scent, that is subtle and pleasant. Compact and easy to throw in a bag and go about your day.

Cool Breeze Body Spray

Invigorate your senses with this uplifting and tantalising Cool Breeze Body Spray. With a beautiful blend of fresh and fruity notes of watermelon, coconut, pomegranate and vanilla.


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